The Joys and Pains of Web Design

One more day working on the new design of my web site. I had lots of fun creating the slide show for the home page, but I am having a hard time setting up the jewelry shop. I know it’s going to be a challenge to bring it all up to speed once it’s up and running because I am moving the shop from the root folder into its own independent folder, but I want the new design to be more about the atmosphere and energy of my jewelry and work than about the shopping cart itself. I am sure that if people enjoy the designs and are interested in purchasing anything they will go to the shopping cart. I sure hope so!

So the joys of web design are all the aspects of the design itself and putting them all together, while the pains are mostly what makes a web site functional and working exactly the way I want it to: the nuts and bolts. To me, those nuts and bolts serve a purpose, but are not the main aspect of web design. They’re like the vehicle for the design to shine, in a lot of ways. And of course, in my opinion, good design has to take into consideration everything working as it is supposed to, and also being optimized for the search engines to find it easily.

I design my web sites so they are already optimized for the search engines, so I have to think both about what they look like and what the search engines see. Yes, beauty and seo (search engine optimization). Sort of a blend of right and left brain functions. Hey, that’s me in a nutshell!

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