New Gemstone Necklace Design

Today I wanted to share a new design I made with some of my new gemstones. The thing with gemstones and me is that every time I get new ones I get so inspired to work with their colors and combinations, but it is not always an automatic thing. Sometimes I have a design in mind, and sometimes I just let the different colors and types of beads guide me in designing the piece. This was the case with this new necklace. I had purchased some huge Turquoise teardrops and wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for. I just got them because I loved them the moment I saw them. Then after I returned from the Gem and Mineral show in town I was excited, looking at my new gems, and the design just dawned on me. So I was able to combine some of my very favorite colors in this necklace. Check it out:

Turquoise in Purple Gemstone Necklace
Turquoise in Purple Necklace

Obviously, my photo doesn’t do justice to the colors of the stones (it was actually a much more difficult piece to photograph than I thought it would be), but you get the idea. The purple stones are Purple Sponge Coral and the bluish beads are Turquoise Jasper.

I named this piece Turquoise in Purple as an analogy to Miles Davis’ Blue in Green (after which I named another piece) because it evoked such a smooth, gentle and yet profound sense of beauty in me.

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