My Love for Paisleys…

I was attracted to the Hindu ethnic culture and anything Indian since I was a kid. My mother had history and art books with photographs of India and designs of tapestries and such that I always loved looking at. My first contact with the Hindu culture actually happened when I was around 11 or 12 and a very close friend of mine moved to a new house in a neighborhood where there was a Krishna temple. She invited me to check it out because they were very open to having people come by to dance and feast with them.

There was a beautiful big Ganesha statue at the main entrance that robbed my heart and got stuck in my mind forever. I didn’t know anything about the Hindu culture, or Krishna, or Ganesha at the time, but I certainly fell in love with all the colors and designs, smells and tastes, and Ganesha, of course! Little did I know back then that the Hindu spiritual culture would have such an impact in my life later on…

So my love for paisleys and Indian design goes way back… And to counteract my frustration with the somewhat failed Art Copper Clay experiments, I gave myself the pleasure of creating some paisley earrings that I wanted to share here before placing them on the web site for sale:

Fine SIlver Paisley earrings
Fine Silver Paisley Earrings

I added faceted Amethyst beads and a Garnet tassel, which has become somewhat of a signature for many of my designs (yes, I love tassels, too).

Working with PMC silver has always been easy and a real joy for me, so I tend to go for it whenever possible. I have been working on other gemstone designs lately, but haven’t had the time to take pictures yet. Trying to promote your work as an independent artist is so time consuming that I wish the day would be longer than just 24 hours! Plus, I am starting to get ready for tax season for the family business and my own business, and that is so much work!

Anyway, no excuses. I will get to taking pictures and uploading them to the site soon, I promise…

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