Seven Moons Pendant on the Cover of ACS Quarterly!

I wanted to share with you that one of my designs, Seven Moons Silver Pendant, won the competition for the cover of the next issue (Spring 2010) of the Art Clay Society Quarterly! This is the kind of news that bring me joy and inspiration…

Seven Moons Fine Silver Pendant by Yol Swan
Seven Moons Fine Silver Pendant by Yol Swan

My Seven Moons Silver Pendant is a pure silver collage created with metal clay (PMC) that was inspired by the feminine energy of the Moon and also by the concept that the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in the same manner that our mind reflects the light of pure consciousness. I chose the number Seven because it is a very mystical number with deep symbolism used by many esoteric schools. Some popular ones that come to mind are: 7 days in a week, 7 major chakras in the body, 7 notes in a scale, and 7 is the number of the seeker of Truth in numerology. Seven is most definitely a divine and mysterious number (being a prime number and all), and I believe that each 7-year cycle brings the opportunity to learn from experience to make progress in life, in terms of personal and spiritual development. Otherwise we just repeat the same mistakes in the next cycle. Seven also seems to be the cycle that tests our relationships (every seven days, months, years) to check how strong they really are…

My Seven Moons Silver Pendant shows seven moons at different stages of the lunar cycle with various textures, along with a feminine face and a dichroic glass cabochon acting as two of the moons. It has a light golden accent on some spots to convey the energy of the Sun that is reflected on the Moon. It has a light patina to add contrast. The three different parts of the pendant are linked with sterling silver wire, and the whole pendant weighs 41 gm of pure silver. Needless to say, I will be more than delighted to receive the next issue of the Art Clay Society Quarterly with my jewelry design on it!

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