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While I am getting ready for the Montford Arts and Music Festival in Asheville, NC, on May 22nd, I have come up with some new and exciting designs that I will post here soon, and I also had to finish some designs I had been working on.

I was commissioned to make some rings, and since pure silver has proven not to be the strongest material for a ring that is going to be used on a regular basis (although it’s fine for a fancy ring used on special occasions, and yes, rings do take a beating whether we’re aware of it or not), I chose to solder silver wire to make these:

Sterling Silver Spiral Rings by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs
Sterling Silver Spiral Rings

Another design I have been working on for a while is this necklace created with pure silver clay and sterling silver wire, inspired by European (especially Portuguese) amulets to ward off evil spirits:

Fear No Evil Necklace by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs
“Fear No Evil” Necklace by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs

I find that I am gravitating more and more toward working with metal these days, although I like to add gemstone beads, too… Silver and copper have such a sweet energy that it is really pleasurable working with them, either making my jewelry collages or pounding and soldering wire… Ok, back to work now.

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