Plagiarism and Unoriginality at…

I just bumped into a blog that markets Tibetan and sacred jewelry, and first found a paragraph from my web site, word for word, simply pasted on the blog! How unoriginal and uncreative is that?? Don’t they know that it is plagiarism?

Then, as I looked a little further into it, I found that these people are also posting images of my jewelry designs and the text accompanying them on my web site without a link, or a mention of where the jewelry pieces come from. My jewelry designs are not the only ones on the blog, but there are MANY of my designs on it!

Their site is, so to begin with, they obviously couldn’t find a more original name and went for the cheesy solution of adding a number 1 to their domain name. Ah, the unoriginality of web marketing… What else is the blog about, other than stealing photos and text from other web sites and blogs? NOTHING. There is no original comments about any of them, or anything else but text from other sites (which sometimes doesn’t even make sense out of context).

Are they trying to fatten up their blog with whatever they can find before actually posting original content? Or are they going to start placing links on the blog to sell viagra? Or maybe they are trying to get better rankings from google before selling the domain? Whatever they are doing, I am sure it is something sleazy that has nothing to do with sacred jewelry, since they obviously don’t care about it or respect original designers and craftspeople, and I am really upset at the fact that they intend to use my designs for whatever their purpose may be. I will keep an eye on them and file a complaint about this somewhere…

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