This Ultralite Kiln Will Get You Started…

I have an Ultralite kiln for sale. This little kiln got me started on the path to metal clay, and I kept it because of sentimental value (yes, it’s cute and has brought me much joy), but the truth is that I don’t use it anymore and I think it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.

It has a crack, but still works fine. You can see it here:

UltraLite Kiln

I found a place where you can actually purchase a $37 replacement for the heating element part that is cracked, if you ever decided to replace it, so I can give you that info as well.

I am asking for $150 (plus shipping), which would include:

UltraLite Kiln1 Ultralite kiln with manual, spatula, and cover
1 Temp controller
2 Ceramic inserts (I broke one of those, but as it is obvious on the pictures, I’ve basically used only one. They don’t break unless you drop them on a hard floor, like I did!)

Even if you replaced the cracked element, you’d still save some good money, which is great when you are just starting to use metal clay, as the clay itself is so expensive! Plus, you’ll obviously end up purchasing other tools as you get more into it… 😉

Please contact me if interested.


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