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The Joy and Healing of Writing

The Joy and Healing of Writing by Yol SwanLately, I have been focusing my energy and attention on creative writing more than jewelry making. My life has taken quite a turn, with my 13-year marriage reaching an end a couple months ago, and writing has proven to be one of the most gratifying and therapeutic things I’ve ever done (excluding meditation).

I had previously written about what I thought the purpose of making jewelry was (aside from the obvious creative outlet it provides) on my post Why Am I a Jewelry Designer? Just as life had been pounding and shaping me through many trials over the last few years, I was actually expressing that in my jewelry making. You know, as within, so without.

Now the Universe seems to be orchestrating a new phase in my life, with jewelry making slowing down considerably, and the drive and need to write proportionately increasing. Aside from my Spiritual Poetry & Other Self-Reflections blog, which I invite you to visit, I am focusing on a self-help book I have been working on (on and off) for a few months now.

Interestingly enough (just in case you don’t believe in synchronicity), the book is about the self-healing tools I have learned over 27 years, which have helped me to face my life’s obstacles and pain, to grow both emotionally and spiritually. Now they are been put to the test through my current circumstances, and have proven—once again— to be amazingly effective. I just love when life gives me the opportunity to see how much I have grown by challenging me with events I have to overcome! I certainly am, now more than ever, ready to share what I have been gifted with, to help others grow and find more inner peace, including my abilities as an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Life & Business Coach. To check what I am up to, visit:

Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Life & Business Coach

Happy Holidays!

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The Magic of Netra Basti

I worked for publishing companies for many, many years either as a proofreader, a translator, or an editor. So my eyes have been used and abused for years… Once I started working with computers I noticed a decrease in vision and had to start using glasses. Luckily, I am married to an Ayurvedic practitioner and have the luxury of receiving an Ayurvedic therapy called Netra Basti, which is an absolute blessing for my eyes, whenever I feel like I need some healing in that area.

I received one yesterday, after many days of staring at the computer non-stop, and I felt so good that I decided to share a little bit about it here. Netra Basti is, basically, a therapy for eye rejuvenation that can actually prevent many eye diseases and problems. Yet it is so profoundly healing that it goes beyond the eyes (perhaps because the eyes are so closely connected to the nervous system, the brain, and the third eye?). Every time I get one I feel so relaxed and clear and sleep so deeply that it is obvious that not only my eyes get rejuvenated in the process, but my mind receives its benefits as well!

Ayurvedic Therapy Netra Basti
Netra Basti Applied to One Eye

This Ayurvedic therapy consists in bathing each eye with warm ghee (clarified butter) or medicated oil for 15-20 minutes. It may seem weird to have your eyes bathed in oil or ghee, but the warm liquid feels really good  and after a while you don’t even feel anything at all. I usually tear profusely from the eye that is not being bathed, which seems to be the way the eyes gets cleared and cleansed, and sometimes a lot of post-nasal mucus comes down, too, which helps to decongest the area.

Since after the Netra Basti is over it is best to just relax and close the eyes, I usually have it done when I don’t have much to do afterwards, so I can stay home and close my eyes if I want to, which tends to be the case for me. I certainly don’t go fix my eyes on jewelry, or stare at the computer after a Netra Basti!

I just wanted to briefly share this wonderful therapy that is so good for the eyes and also for the mind!