Ethical Marketing for the Creative Type, Part III

An artist or fine crafter is not really looking for a brand per se, but more likely for a personal and unique style or expression that sets him or her apart from other artists and crafters. That unique style is your brand. Read More

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

If you ever feel like your inspiration took a vacation, just give yourself a break and go to a good concert, talk about the stuff that you like with a friend or other creative types, visit a bookstore, and check out other artists and designers to get re-inspired to find your own voice and style. Finding your own expression can be a challenge sometimes, but you have to remember that everything in life is a process and give yourself the necessary mental fuel to feed the creative flame! Read More

Ethical Marketing for the Creative Type – Part II

There is a ton of information about marketing out there, so if you have time to do a search and check some of the web sites that specialize in it, that is always good. But take everything you read with a grain of salt. Don’t jump ahead and try to implement things without first thinking if they really apply to the type of business you run. Still you can find good advice and tricks that you can adjust and utilize for yours, even if it is small, or if you are a free-lancer or self-employed creative type. So here are a couple pointers to get started… Read More

The Magic of Netra Basti

I worked for publishing companies for many, many years either as a proofreader, a translator, or an editor. So my eyes have been used and abused for years… Once I started working with computers I noticed a decrease in vision and had to start using glasses. Luckily, I am married to an Ayurvedic practitioner and have the luxury of receiving an Ayurvedic therapy called Netra Basti, which is an absolute blessing for my eyes! Read More

The Fragility and Endurance of Life

Our dog Luna with her affectionate and sweet disposition reminded me one more time of such an important lesson in my life. Life is fragile indeed, but true power comes from enduring the ups and downs as they come, in the moment, and then letting them go. Surrendering to life doesn’t mean that suffering is gone. It simply means that we embrace life as it is, with its share of pain, joy, obstacles, tests, lessons, love, karma, and everything else that it comes with. Read More

Ethical Marketing for the Creative Type

Most business articles I’ve come across mention that you should do some market research to see what is missing in your community, or what sells and what doesn’t, before you quit your day job and start a business that will succeed. My guess is that this type of advice comes from standard business and marketing 101, which it is very helpful if want to start a business like say, a chain restaurant, or a kinko’s, or a dry cleaner, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to the self-employed creative type (artist, artisan, healer, herbalist, crafter, yoga teacher, etc.). Read More

Trust Women

I recently learned that Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered last May, often wore a button that read, “Trust Women.” I liked that slogan. It rings true to me. It makes me think of how important trust is, and how our most fundamental rights as human beings are based on trust. It makes me think of myself and how I have become who I am now. So I had to stop and ask myself, what else does “Trust Women” mean to me? Read More

New Gemstone Necklace Design

Sometimes I have a design in mind, and sometimes I just let the different colors and types of beads guide me in designing the piece. This was the case with this new necklace. I had purchased some huge Turquoise teardrops and wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for. I just got them because I loved them the moment I saw them. Read More