The Joy and Healing of Writing

Lately, I have been focusing my energy and attention on creative writing more than jewelry making. My life has taken quite a turn, with my 13-year marriage reaching an end a couple months ago, and writing has proven to be one of the most gratifying and therapeutic things I’ve ever done (excluding meditation). I had Read More

The Fragility and Endurance of Life

Our dog Luna with her affectionate and sweet disposition reminded me one more time of such an important lesson in my life. Life is fragile indeed, but true power comes from enduring the ups and downs as they come, in the moment, and then letting them go. Surrendering to life doesn’t mean that suffering is gone. It simply means that we embrace life as it is, with its share of pain, joy, obstacles, tests, lessons, love, karma, and everything else that it comes with. Read More

Trust Women

I recently learned that Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered last May, often wore a button that read, “Trust Women.” I liked that slogan. It rings true to me. It makes me think of how important trust is, and how our most fundamental rights as human beings are based on trust. It makes me think of myself and how I have become who I am now. So I had to stop and ask myself, what else does “Trust Women” mean to me? Read More

Avatar, Spirituality and Hope

The basic theme is clearly reminiscent of Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, and 1000 BC (even Pocahontas?) and other movies with the theme of the stranger who somehow becomes integrated into a community of indigenous people, ends up falling in love, and then bringing others together to fight a common enemy, of which he was originally part of. Except that in this case the “indigenous” community lives in the planet Pandora, where a US corporation has a military base (with ex-marine contractors) and is ready to take over their land to serve the interests of its greedy investors by collecting the precious mineral Unobtanium, which can save the Earth from its present energy crisis. Sounds familiar? Read More