The Therapeutic Qualities of Color Used in Gemstone Jewelry

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Color plays a major role in your life and affects you on a daily basis more than you probably realize. Imagine a black and white world. Wouldn’t it be bland, not to mention depressing? Like most people, you choose colors in your wardrobe according to your temperament, your mood and also the image you want to project on certain occasions. It is obvious that we all respond emotionally to color, but did you know that you also respond physically to color?

The therapeutic qualities of color have been known and used for thousands of years in many cultures. Ancient Egypt had “Healing Temples of Light” that were used to bring physical and mental balance, and color therapy was widely used during the Golden Age of Greek culture. Pythagoras experimented with the effects of color on health; Ayurvedic practitioners have known for thousands of years and still use the different qualities of color to counteract the qualities in the environment and bring about balance and health. For example, according to Ayurvedic principles, you should avoid warm colors in the hot summer, cooling colors in the cold winter, and so on.

Color Therapy or Phototherapy for Healing

Color Therapy, also known as Phototherapy, which is basically exposing the body to colored lights, has been used to treat many illnesses. It has been found that certain glandular functions respond to specific colors. For example, treating certain organs with orange color therapy stimulates the endocrine system and, as a result, the lymphatic system has better drainage and can eliminate bacteria and accumulations of toxins within the body. It is well known that people who tend to get depressed in the winter do much better if they get exposed to full spectrum lights in their homes.

Color Therapy for Health and Rejuvenation

A good example of natural color therapy is how extremely rejuvenating a walk in nature can be. This has been proven to promote healing even in cancer patients. And it is not surprising, since the color green is so prominent in a natural environment, and its qualities include calming and relaxing the nervous system, which in turn allows the healing process to unfold, while it also increases the vitality. So much so that nowadays many hospitals are including “green areas” in their facilities to help their patients. Light is simply radiant energy that is visible to our eyes. Variations of light,

heat and color are in direct proportion to the difference in size of their wavelengths. Although extremely short wavelengths may be invisible, they still have color, but our eyes cannot perceive it.

Color Therapy in Gemstone Chakra & Yoga Jewelry

Colors are light waves of specific lengths, and different wavelengths are present in different crystals and gemstones. This is why gemstones and crystals have specific healing qualities and can be used therapeutically by wearing Gemstone Chakra & Yoga Jewelry Designs. Sir Isaac Newton, also credited with discovering the law of gravity, found that when sunlight was passed through a prism seven distinct and separate colors were observed. These are the colors of the light spectrum you can see in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. For a more detailed view of the Qualities and Properties of each Color, go to the Color Healing Properties page.

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