Gemstone Jewelry, Yoga Jewelry and Chakra Jewelry for Beauty and Health

gemstone jewelry, chakra jewelry, crystal jewelry, chakras, color therapy jewelry designs, custom malas, custom gemstone jewelryThe Healing Power of Gemstones and Crystals

Our Sacred Gemstone Jewelry, Yoga Jewelry and Chakra Jewelry are exclusive designs that combine the healing and spiritual qualities of crystals and semi precious gemstones and other sacred beads with color therapy and the Vedic Chakra System to bring you beauty and harmony.

The disease process is triggered by the disruption of the flow of prana, or vital energy. Precious and semi precious gemstones have a natural ability to restore the flow of prana that gets continuously disrupted (due to emotional and physical stress) and to connect you to the realm of spirit and subtle energies. Wearing Gemstone Jewelry, Yoga Jewelry & Chakra Jewelry is an easy way to enhance the vibration around you and promote healing from within. Not to mention bringing out your beauty and embellish your wardrobe with their mysterious charm and luster!

Bring Balance into Your Life with Gemstone Jewelry and Chakra Jewelry

Creation results from the expansion and contraction of the energies in the Universe. Everything emerges from the eternal principles known in Samkhya philosophy as Purusha (pure consciousness) and Prakriti (original matter). All creation emerges from their interface: from the Cosmic Mind to the elements of nature that form everything, including your body-mind complex. This is easily understood if you remember that you are energy first (a soul) incarnated as matter (your body). It is written in the Baghavad Gita, “Earth, water, fire, wind, ether, consciousness, intellect and ego: thus my Prakriti has been divided into eight parts.” This is basically how the Cosmic Prakriti manifests in the individual soul.

Crystals, gemstones, and metals harness and harmonize the subtle energies of all the elements –earth, water, fire, wind, ether, consciousness, intellect and ego– so they can trigger and stimulate your inner power to heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. They act by resonance and vibration on all your energy centers (chakras), as well as through the nervous system and subtle channels (nadis) that connect all the energies and tissues of the organism. By wearing Gemstone Yoga and Chakra Jewelry you will feel more balanced and grounded, and more in touch with the inner intelligence of your body.

Sacred Beads and Gemstones Combined in Gemstone Yoga Jewelry

Beads from other natural materials, such as sandalwood, tulsi, rudraksha, lotus seeds, bodhi seeds and rosewood, are also considered sacred beads and have been used in India and the Yoga and Ayurveda traditions for spiritual and healing purposes for thousands of years. This is why we also integrate those into our Sacred Jewelry Designs.

Custom Gemstone Jewelry, Custom Gemstone Malas and Rosaries

All our designs are unique (one-of-a-kind), we can also custom design Gemstone Jewelry for your specific healing or spiritual needs. Your gemstone Malas, also known as Prayer Beads or Japa Beads for prayer, mantra repetition, or meditation can also be custom designed with gemstones and sacred beads according to your spiritual tradition, needs and goals.

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