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Virtual Jewelry Studio Stroll

As promised, here are some photos of the new studio set up. I cleared some room to have a separate table to set up my mini photo studio, so now I have three 6′ tables to work with for everything else: metal work, metal clay, collage, soldering, polishing, tumbling, keum-boo, and heat patination. Roomy!

Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Studio

A closer look at the metal work and beading area. I placed my little stereo closer, too, so I can reach it as I am working if the phone rings or if I want to change a tune…

Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Studio-2

Then comes the collage and metal clay area. I brought a file cabinet from my home office (to make some more room there too), which serves as an organizer here and still leaves me plenty of room to work with. Below is the area I use mostly for metal clay:

Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Studio-3

Next is the table where I do all the soldering, polishing, patination, and keum-boo, which is a Thai technique for adding layers of gold to fine silver. Here you can also see other tools for tumbling, pickling, and cleaning metals.

Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Studio-4

Since keum-boo and certain type of patination require direct heat, I use a hot plate. Someday I will be able to get a sturdy wooden table to add safety to this station, but for now it has to be plastic. I set the hot plate up on a thick piece of wood to prevent burning the table! Below you can see the hot plate and the bookshelf where I keep patinas and some packaging materials. I don’t use liver of sulphur for patinas here, I do those in the bathroom, where there is running water.

Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Studio: Keum BooSacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Studio: Patinas

Finally, here is the new mini photo studio. Now I have more room to move around and play with lights. I even have room for all my photo accessories and props. I am loving it!

Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs Photo Studio

You can see my metal clay kiln above. I placed it by a brick wall (the fire place), since it seems the safest spot for the amount of heat that kiln can kick.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope you enjoyed my virtual jewelry studio stroll!