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New Yoga Jewelry Video

Ok, so I’ve been having too much fun making videos of my jewelry designs, finding the right designs, the right music, synching everything, and so on, so now I came up with a yoga jewelry video that I just uploaded to YouTube. Check it out:

It is kind of hypnotic, and I really like that quality about it. I know, I know… I should be in the studio creating more jewelry, or uploading all the photos I have for the web site, but this was so much fun! Now back to work…

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More Designs for the Montford Festival!

I haven’t had much time to photograph all the new designs I am getting ready for the Montford Arts & Music Festival, but here’s a preview of a few of them:

Five Elements Fine Silver Pendant by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs

Carved jade & sterling silver pendant by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs

Turquoise & coral necklace by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs

Again, the Montford Arts & Music Festival is in Asheville, NC, this Saturday, May 22nd, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. I will be sharing a booth with my friend Alex from Gaucho Glass, so come and check us out. Great music, fun people, and lots of creative and friendly artisans!

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New Exciting Designs

While I am getting ready for the Montford Arts and Music Festival in Asheville, NC, on May 22nd, I have come up with some new and exciting designs that I will post here soon, and I also had to finish some designs I had been working on.

I was commissioned to make some rings, and since pure silver has proven not to be the strongest material for a ring that is going to be used on a regular basis (although it’s fine for a fancy ring used on special occasions, and yes, rings do take a beating whether we’re aware of it or not), I chose to solder silver wire to make these:

Sterling Silver Spiral Rings by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs
Sterling Silver Spiral Rings

Another design I have been working on for a while is this necklace created with pure silver clay and sterling silver wire, inspired by European (especially Portuguese) amulets to ward off evil spirits:

Fear No Evil Necklace by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs
“Fear No Evil” Necklace by Sacred Jewelry & Yoga Designs

I find that I am gravitating more and more toward working with metal these days, although I like to add gemstone beads, too… Silver and copper have such a sweet energy that it is really pleasurable working with them, either making my jewelry collages or pounding and soldering wire… Ok, back to work now.

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New Pictures of Silver Jewelry Designs

After the Copper Art Clay disaster I decided to cheer me up with a couple new designs in Silver Metal Clay (PMC) while I wait for some more copper clay to come in the mail and continue with my experiments…

I was able to take a few pictures that I would like to share with you before uploading them to the site. Below is a finished pure silver pendant that I slightly oxidized to add contrast with the fine silver and the thin layer of gold accent that I placed in some places. The finished patina is slightly blue-ish purple-ish, which is my favorite patina.

Inside Out Fine Silver Pendant
Inside Out: Fine Silver Pendant

I have always been fascinated by the relation of the subconscious and the dream world with our everyday life, and how we can discover what is inside of us by watching our mind and actions in the world. This design, as many of my jewelry pieces are, was inspired by this fascination with the subconscious.

As I was taking the picture, I realized that the photographic background had some scratches on it! Anyway, I don’t think I can fix that, which means I will have to “photoshop” my pictures whenever I use this background… Oh well. I wonder what photographers do to keep this type of background clear and unscratched.

Below is another precious metal clay design I am working on and I wanted to share this picture here before it is completely finished.

The Dream - Metal Clay Design
The Dream (unfinished)

This photo was taken before the piece was fired, and although I fired it already I will share it here when it is completely finished and photographed. I am waiting for some sterling silver wire to come in the mail because I would like to create a chain for it. I will post this pmc jewelry design again when it’s completely done.