Yol Swan: Graphic Artist and Silver Jewelry Designer

Yol Swan - silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, chakra jewelry, copper jewelry, chakras, color therapy jewelry designs, custom malas, custom gemstone jewelry, graphic design, web designThe Creative Expression of Fine Artisan Jewelry

I am a creative writer and poet, and have been involved with art and the creative process since childhood, in one way or another. I like to bring a sense of balance, depth, and color to every aspect of my life and work. I started creating collages since I can remember and I still think that collages have been the theme of my life.

For me, life itself is a collage of learning experiences, glued together by destiny and karma. Designing Artisan Silver and Gemstone Jewelry is another form of collage, where I can blend sacred symbols, mystic energies, shapes, and color to create a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful.

I like combining gemstones because of their colors and properties, but my true passion is working with metals, either pounding the metal into the shape I want, modeling it from scratch, putting various pieces together, or all of the above. I find these ‘silver jewelry collages’ to be a unique yet practical form of wearable art.

A Graphic & Jewelry Designer with a Spiritual Purpose

My designs are not just about beauty or fashion. I have to resonate with the energy of a jewelry piece or the visual aspect of a t-shirt or graphic design. It has to have some uplifting value or depth of meaning, not just be pretty or fashionable. I was always drawn to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and to the ethnic cultures of the world. My spiritual journey includes Theravada Buddhism and Kundalini Maha Yoga, and I try to integrate some of their spiritual concepts into my jewelry and graphic design, and to create designs to lift the spirit and (hopefully) motivate self-awareness.

Blending Yoga, Psychology & Ethnic Design

I have been exploring the mind and the subconscious for over 30 years, and deeply resonate with the concepts found in yoga philosophy and psychology, as well as other Eastern spiritual teachings. I am an author and offer Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Life & Business Coaching and Adult Indigo Healing (in person and long distance). To learn more about my services, visit:

Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Life & Business Coach